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A Fully-Functional & Diversified Financial Platform

MyMoneyEx is a FinTech platform dedicated to delivering value and convenience to everyone in the business ecosystem through innovative and comprehensive payment solutions. We design and develop products that support digital banking by implementing advanced applications, intuitive interfaces and frictionless payment systems accessible by multiple parties, such as companies, financial institutions and individuals.


MyMoneyEx central servers are placed in Tier3+ datacenters with 24/24h surveillance. Our CDN is built using private rented hardware in the biggest providers available. MyMoneyEx never store user passwords, instead we assign to every user a newly generated private key that we encrypt using PBKDF2 with a random seed and the user password. Every sensitive data like wallet private keys are encrypted two times using AES256 with a key derived using ECDH against the user replaced private key and a random generated key and using our offline public key, in this way only the user is able to decrypt his data online. In the case of a password loss MyMoneyEx is able to recover any account using our Offline private key and assigning a new private key to the user. MyMoneyEx enforce the usage of a 2nd factor authentication mechanism at every important step (like: login, deposit, withdrawal, etc.).

Multiple Currencies

We provide customers the ability to perform transactions and trades in multiple currencies including EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, JPY and RUB

Multiple Accounts

Based on specific business and personal needs, every customer can open different accounts simultaneously which are managed independently of each other


MyMoneyEx platform is able to process large amount of orders leveraging distributed computing technologies. Every part of our code is distributed, resilient and highly available. We make strongly usage of web sockets and HTTP/2 to provide a responsive and interactive user interface accessible from every device capable of handling the latest web standards.


A professional digital currency exchange platform supporting advanced order types and algorithmic trading.


Innovative, real-time and international payment processing solutions built on top of avant-guard technology systems.


A straightforward way to convert one fiat currency into another through cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP and ETH.


Account owners can assign different privileges to different groups of users in complete transparency assured by real-time activity monitoring.